The Works - Full Sake tasting set
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The Works - Full Sake tasting set

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    Our Japanese Sake tasting set is perfect for anyone looking to sample a range of different flavours. Continue reading below for an overview of the different drinks in this set...


  • Akashi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling OUT OF STOCK, replacement provided

  • This sparkling sake is lively, simple, and enjoyable to consume. Its flavour profile is similar to that of apricot ice cream. This is quite refreshing because of the soft, hydrating bubbles and low alcohol content. This bottle-fermented sake is perfect for a picnic or a trip to the beach because it naturally ferments there. It would be ideal to serve at a party or special event with your friends and family.

  • Hokosugi Shujun
    This sake won the Futsu-shu Trophy as well as the Champion Great Value Sake in IWC 2021. It has a delicious savoury flavour thanks to the undertones of biscuit, yoghurt, and roasted chestnuts. It would be wonderful to have it at room temperature or warm (35-40C) on a chilly day. 

  • Miyama Tengori
    A sake with an earthy, mushroomy scent that tastes best when served chilled. With a peppery and somewhat acidic finish, this sake has a dynamic flavour that is both sweet and fragrant. A light drink with a higher flavour complexity that will complement any sake collection as well as suit those looking to try something new. Purchase this Japanese sake online right now!

  • Kanenaka Kimoto Junmai
    The finish of this sake is powerful, dry, and crisp, and it leaves a delicious, lasting umami taste. It also has gentle hints of dried fig and honeycomb. Although slightly chilled is the suggested drinking temperature, it can also be served warm or at room temperature.

  • Mikotsuru Junmai Ginjo Sankei Nishiki
    The flavour of this sake is intriguing and revitalising thanks to its melon and banana undertones. Serve chilled to properly appreciate the lovely aroma and the classy, refined texture. This was the 2021 IWC Champion Sake. Since we only have a limited number of bottles and our supply is the ONLY stock in the UK, acquire it now!

  • Shichisui Junmai Daiginjo 40 Y3
    This fruity sake has a very clean flavour with a strawberry, melon, pear, apricot, and white grape scent. Its delicate texture and upbeat aftertaste are elegant and dignified, and they make it exceedingly difficult to resist taking another drink. This sake would go well with foods like melon, lemon sole, tempura, parma ham, cheese, and tomatoes.

  • Haneya Ginjo
    This sake has delicious strawberry and meringue flavours with a hint of lemon zest. Due to its smooth texture and delicious finish, this sake is a true treat to drink. It is perfect for any occasion because it is elegant and well-balanced. It would, however, become the ultimate summertime beverage with a splash of soda water and some fresh mint. The IWC Gingo Trophy for best Ginjo sake in IWC 2021 was awarded to this sake.

  • Masuizumi Barrel aging Kijoshu
  • For those who are new to aged sake, this is a great place to start! This drink has a lovely winter spice scent and a silky texture. This sake is a deep yellow colour with a hint of caramel and coffee undertones. It is delicious on its own but also goes nicely with food like dim-sum or cheese. This award-winning beverage received the Koshu Trophy at the IWC 2021. This is Koshu at its peak.

  • Nigori sake
    If you enjoy your Sake on the sweeter, milder side, Gekkeikan's Nigori Sake with its more viscous texture, is a must-have. Nigori sake is distinguished by the presence of some of the solid rice particles that are employed in the sake brewing process. As a result, the sake is sweeter, mellower, and thicker than other variants.

  • Nama Genshu Junmai Daiginjo OUT OF STOCK, reduced charge has been applied
    This silky sake has a vibrant flavour that is enhanced by elegant orange blossom, melon, and violet scents. This wine is a great match for dishes that are flavorful and aromatic because of its dry, crisp finish. Order this unpasteurized sake online while you can because it is unusual for UK vendors to offer it.

  • Nama Genshu Ginjo OUT OF STOCK  reduced charge has been applied
    A creamy, sweet, unpasteurized, and undiluted sake with melon, peach, and orange undertones. Despite its high alcohol content of 19%, the fresh and crisp taste ensures that it does not overpower the flavour. This sake is delicious on its own, on ice, or with a dash of soda water. Unpasteurized Sake is still uncommon in the United Kingdom. So grab it while you can!

  • Nama Genshu Honjozo OUT OF STOCK  reduced charge has been applied
    This medium-bodied, unpasteurized sake has a beautiful creamy mouthfeel. Crisp and dry on the end, but with strong umami and fruity notes, this is the perfect sake to get online today, especially given how hard it is to find unpasteurised sake in the UK!