The Magnificent Seven
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The Magnificent Seven

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    IWC Trophy Sake- Full bottles

    Hokosugi Shujun
    This Futsu-shu has a wonderfully creamy texture that makes it the perfect accompaniment for food like stew and BBQ. This sake won the Futsu-shu Trophy as well as the Champion Great Value Sake in IWC 2021 due to its biscuit, yoghurt, roasted chestnuts and savoury flavour profile. This is an easy beverage to enjoy as it can be served at room temperature or warm (35-40C).

    Miyama Tengori
    A sake with an earthy, mushroomy aroma, that is best enjoyed chilled. This sake has a complex flavour that is both sweet and aromatic, with a peppery and slightly acidic finish. A light drink with a touch of greater flavour complexity that will make the perfect addition to any sake collection, or for those wanting to try something new. Buy this Japanese sake online today!

    Kanenaka Kimoto Junmai
    This sake has a subtle honeycomb and dried fig fragrance and a powerful, dry, crisp finish with a wonderful, lingering umami aftertaste. Although slightly chilled is the suggested drinking temperature, it can also be served warm or at room temperature. It goes well with foods made with sweet soy sauce and aged cheese.

    Mikotsuru Junmai Ginjo Sankei Nishiki
    Thanks to melon and banana undertones, this sake has a fascinating and energising flavour. Serve chilled to really enjoy the wonderful perfume and elegant, silky texture. The 2021 IWC Champion sake is limited edition and is only available from us in the UK, so get it now while you still can!

    Shichisui Junmai Daiginjo 40 Y3
    This fruity sake has a crisp flavour with notes of strawberry, melon, pear, apricot, and grape. It has a beautiful texture and a refined and dignified aftertaste, making it impossible to resist taking another glass.

    Haneya Ginjo
    With a dash of lemon zest, this sake offers lovely strawberry and meringue flavours. This sake is a wonderful joy to sip because of its smooth texture and delicious aftertaste. Because it is elegant and well-balanced, it is appropriate for every occasion. With a dash of soda water and some fresh mint, it would create a great summer-y beverage. This sake received the IWC Gingo Trophy for finest Ginjo sake at IWC 2021.

    Masuizumi Barrel aging Kijoshu
    This is a wonderful place to start if you're new to aged sake! This drink has a velvety texture and a beautiful winter spice fragrance. This sake has a deep yellow colour with hints of caramel and coffee. It's wonderful on its own, but it also goes well with dim sum or cheese. At the IWC 2021, this award-winning beverage won the Koshu Trophy. This is the pinnacle of Koshu.