Akashi Pack
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Akashi Pack

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  • Akashi Tokubetsu Gohyakumangoku Honjozo
    This sake has a sharp melon-tinged acidity that is smooth and softened by the honey aromas. This sake is for you if you enjoy dry sake with delicate fruit flavours.

  • Akashi Genshu Yamadanishiki Daiginjo
    This sake has red apple, melon, and a faint trace of mint flavours, making it sweet with a very dry finish. This sake would go well with fish meals like sashimi or seafood that has been cooked.

  • Akashi Tokubetsu Yamadanishiki Junmai
    This sake is timeless and classic, with savoury notes of miso, caramelised soy sauce, toasted chestnuts, and a hint of plum. If you don't like the fruitier sake we provide, this dry sake is ideal. This would be your decision. This sake is a fantastic all-arounder and tastes wonderful when chilled, at room temperature, and even warmed.
  • Akashi Ginjo Yuzushu
    If you're seeking to try something different and unusual, this yuzu-infused Ginjo sake should be on your wishlist! Ginjo sake is well-known for its aromatic and invigorating flavour, which is only heightened by the addition of yuzu. This sake is refreshing, zingy, and sweet, and would be great on the rocks or combined with soda water.

  • Akashi Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu
  • This Ginjo sake has been blended with Japanese plums to create a very aromatic and delicious drink. This creamy golden sake has a delicate and sweet flavour with flavours of plum, marzipan, and almond. Ideal as a cocktail mixer, it can also be served on the rocks with a lemon/lime wedge, mixed with soda water, or mixed with hot water. This sake is highly versatile and enjoyable to experiment with!

    Please note Sparkling Sake is NOT included in this pack at the moment. Awaiting new stocks. Price has been adjusted accordingly.