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As one of the longest-standing breweries of the region, the Akashi Sake Brewery stands proudly on the shore of Akashi City in Hyogo prefecture, one of Japan’s most renowned sake producing regions. Channeling fresh water from local natural springs and cultivating the noble Yamadanishiki rice for complexity of flavour, we continue to honour the history of sake production, as well as the

Akashi region — at the centre of a vibrant maritime culture and home to one of the country’s most famous fish markets. Underlying Toji, Kimio Yonezawa’s philosophy is a very exact science, the committed manifesto of a master craftsman: “my goal is to create a sake with real personality” he says. “A luxurious, bodied, generous sake, with a lot of depth and great aromatic intensity, which makes you want to savour the tasting. I also wanted a sake that reveals its origins and the calming influences of the sea. I have spent much of my life searching for that magic moment, when the flavour of sake pairs with that of the food, creating a perfect balance.”