delivers exclusive and world class Sake to the UK and also some firm favourites that are already here. The aim is to bring small sample bottles and build specialty packs so you can try this wonderful beverage without initially having to buy full bottles, if you are unfamiliar with Sake. (But we do sell full bottles too!)

Take a look at our bundled packs, designed to give you a focused look at a particular group or style, or have the full range of 12 small bottles to try, or you can mix and match your own packs, as you wish.

Due to the exclusive nature of the stock we hold, we will sell out quickly, so we can rotate to different ones coming through. As we build our range, you can come on the sake journey with us! is run by Chris Ashton who managed the International Wine Challenge for over 16 years and was instrumental in developing the Sake division within the IWC. Whether you are looking for somewhere to buy Japanese sake online because you're already aware of this delicious beverage, or you're interested in trying something new, we have everything you need right here. 

Chris is a 'Cool Japan' Ambassador for the Japanese Government and also a Sake Samurai, awarded by the Sake Samurai Association, the Junior council of the Sake and Shochu Brewers Association in Japan.

There are 97 Sake Samurai worldwide.

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