Sake Name Haneya Ginjo
Foundation year 1916
Name of the owner Mr.Hane Keiki
Generation 4th
Name of the master brewer Mr.Hane Keiki
English URL http://fumigiku.co.jp/
Production year 2021
Annual production per 720ml bottle 7500
Rice Variety Yamadanishiki
Rice polishing ratio 60%
Water source Jouganji River
Ideal temperature to serve 10-15℃


Brewery Bio

From the 3,000-meter-high Tateyama Mountains to the 1,000-meter-deep Toyama Bay lying a few dozen miles away, Toyama is one of the best places to experience the diversity of food in Japan.

Fumigiku Sake Brewery specializes in producing fresh tasting sake made with soft, mineral-rich water from the 3,000-meter-plus mountains. Keiki Hane, the fourth-generation owner and head brewer of the brewery established in 1916, carefully brews all ranges of sake in small batches, using the same method as for daiginjo. His aspiration embodied in the Haneya brand is to be a nihonshu that, like wings in flight, lifts the spirits of his customers.