japan sake
Sake Name Masuizumi Barrel Aging Kijoshu
Foundation year 1893
Name of the owner Mr.Ryuichiro Masuda
Generation 5th
Name of the master brewer Mr.Kiichiro Hatanaka
English URL
Production year 2011
Annual production per 720ml bottle 1300
Rice Variety Private
Rice polishing ratio 90
Water source groundwater
Ideal temperature to serve 5℃

Brewery Bio

Ryuichiro Masuda is the fifth-generation owner of Masuda Sake Company, established in 1893. He is the foremost destroyer/innovator, and at the same time, the most ardent defender of sake-making in Japan today.

His challenges and partnerships which push the potential of sake-making to new heights never cease to astound us: sake made with Dom Pérignon yeast strain, sake aged in Domaine Ramonet wine barrels, sake brewed in collaboration with Chivas Regal.

We recommend that you visit his native Iwase town in Toyama City, where Japan’s traditional techniques and beauty of form have been faithfully passed down. He has transformed Iwase into a top gastronomic destination by bringing in tableware artists and chefs. And of course, Masuizumi, the brewery’s representative brand, will be present in any food scene there.