Sake Name Shichisui
Foundation year 1788
Name of the owner YASUO MATSUI
Generation 8th generation
Name of the master brewer MAKOTO TENMAYA
English URL
Production year 2021
Annual production per 720ml bottle 2000
Rice Variety Yumesasara 80% / Yamadanishiki 20%
Rice polishing ratio 40%
Water source Nikko water system
Ideal temperature to serve 10℃~15℃


Brewery Bio

Established in 1788, Toraya Honten Co., Ltd. is a small brewery located in a city setting surrounded by buildings in Utsunomiya, the prefectural capital of Tochigi Prefecture with a population of half a million. Despite its city location, the brewery has been blessed with good brewing water since its establishment. Thus, Shichisui (literally, “Seven Waters”) brand was named after the seven pristine water sources in the vicinity. “Challenge and Change” is the spirit of the young sake artisans at Toraya. Led by the head brewer hailing from Shimotsuke Master Brewers (Shimotsuke Toji), a relatively new group of master brewers in Tochigi, they have created innovative sake, winning IWC and other awards in recent years.