Sparkling Sake: The Next Big Drink You Should Try Today

Have you tried sparkling sake? If you haven’t, you might think that it’s only a gimmick to make people buy it. The truth is sparkling sake has a growing fan base as it attracts new consumers today. This is because sparkling sake has better quality, and some say its taste is closer to champagne. 


The History of Sparkling Sake

Unbeknownst to some, there are some types of sake that already comes with fizziness, such as namazake and kassei nigori. This is due to a part of the fermentation process where the yeast breaks sugar into CO2 and alcohol. As a result, the CO2 left may still give slight fizziness to the sake. 

That said, “sparkling” sake has been around, but it was only in the 1990s when it was marketed to the public. This is also due to the significant drop in consumers who buy sake due to the popularity of beers and other alcoholic beverages. A lot of sake breweries tried different methods to make their sake more appealing to the public, specifically those who won’t normally drink it. 

Ichinokura, a sake brewery, is one of the pioneers of sparkling sake. In 1998, they released “Suzune,” which translates to “bell sound,” which refers to the sound of the bubbles in a glass. 


The Enjoyment of Drinking Sparkling Sake

Its milder acidity and higher umami factor set sparkling sake from champagne. Furthermore, it's also a great entry drink if you haven’t tried sake and you want to give it a shot. 

It’s also considered an aperitif that is light and gentle, which works at the start of parties or events, and they go well with nibbles. However, it can also be your main drink when you’re eating maki or sashimi with it. 

Are you a fan of cheese? If so, you will also love the taste of sparkling sake paired with cheese. 


The Right Sparkling Sake

Some suggest that you should look for three things in sparkling sake, which are: 

  1. A yeasty smell. The smell should be “warm, yeasty”, and the carbonation should be bubbly.
  2. The taste should be “crisp and yeasty, almost like a good Champagne.” Meaning, it should not be sweet or should not leave a “bubblegummy” taste in your mouth.
  3. The texture should be “dry but smooth” and finish like “Champagne” (in other words, light, fruity, and refreshing).

The good news is that you don’t really need to be a wine expert to know if sparkling sake is “good” to your taste because most of them are generally made to the same standards. But if you are looking for high-quality sake that has taken years to produce, you might have to taste a few glasses before you can find your favourite.

Sake is a unique alcoholic drink. It’s made from rice and it’s originally from Japan. So, if you’re looking for a drink that will give you a “kick” of something new, try sparkling sake. It’s light, it’s bubbly and it’s refreshing. It’s a drink best paired with light and simple food. You’ll be surprised to find out how good sparkling’s sake tastes. 

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