What Is the Best Way To Store Your Fave Japanese Sake?

Many people like to drink sake when they are tired or resting. It is believed that sake is a drink that can help you feel relaxed. If you are a fan of this drink, you probably have a couple of sake bottles stocked for future use.

But how should one store their sake? Should you put it in the fridge? Keep it at room temperature? Or place it outside with sun exposure?

Unlike wines, not many are familiar with the dos and don'ts when it comes to sake. This article will show you what happens to your favourite drink should you do any of the mentioned storage methods above.


When You Store Your Japanese Sake inside the Fridge

Keeping your Japanese sake inside the fridge will delay your sake's ageing process. When you store your Japanese sake in the fridge, there is little air to get in contact with the sake. The air that is stored in the fridge is also quite cold. It could cause your sake to lose its taste and flavour. 

Japanese sake is a drink fermented for years to get the best of its taste. Keeping your bottle of sake in a fridge will affect the process of fermentation. As a result, you are closing the doors to your sake's maturity. The bottom line is your sake will not reach its peak if it is not exposed to air.


When You Store Your Japanese Sake at Room Temperature

When you store your Japanese sake at room temperature, you need to be careful. The air in the room is not cold enough to block the sake's maturing process. It means it is not prolonged. However, the air in the room is not warm enough to accelerate the maturing process either.

If you leave your iced sake at room temperature overnight, it will have lots of air exposure when you open it the next day. A lot of air is needed to bring out the flavour of the sake.


When You Store Your Japanese Sake in a Cupboard

Many people store their sake bottles in a cupboard to keep them away from the food they eat in their kitchen. Well, this is a normal habit. Putting your sake into a cupboard will make it vulnerable to the constant changes in temperature. That will result in the sake losing its flavour. Most of the time, the temperature change will make the drink more bitter.


When You Store Your Sake in the Freezer

Putting your sake in the freezer will make its flavour change quite drastically. A freezer is a place where the temperature drops to a constant zero. This kind of environment will surely affect the process of fermentation.

It will also change the taste of iced Japanese sake. When tried, the taste of sake in a fridge will remain constant. However, the taste of sake stored in the freezer will not. The more your sake is exposed to the freezer, the sharper and smokier the taste.


The Right Way to Store Your Japanese Sake

You need to know that your sake is not for the outside. It will not be good to leave your sake exposed to direct sunlight. Instead, the right way to store your Japanese sake is to keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place. It is not only recommended by experts but also what your sake manufacturer suggests.

If you keep your bottle of sake in a cool, dry, and dark storage, you will be able to enjoy a change of flavour. This taste change will not be as drastic as storing it in other places.

It is advisable to store your sake inside a house or an air-conditioned room when the weather is not hot or humid. In hot, humid weather, your sake will sweat, and the liquid will evaporate. It will affect the taste of the sake eventually. If you follow this piece of advice, you will never have to worry about the taste and flavour of your sake. Your sake will only become better and better as the days go by.

So, if you are a Japanese sake fan, make sure you store your sake in the right environment to achieve its best flavour. Now that you know how to do it, you can finally buy some more bottles to keep with you. Get your authentic Japanese sake at Sake Shoten, your Japanese shop in London